before christmas

Pictures of K. Photograph A

Sorry about the really bad updating! We have so much work to do before Christmas. 

Love by K


behind the scenes

Sorry for the really bad blogging. We are so busy these days, we´re doing a lot of work. We promise we´ll get better. 

Today Frida and I went to this huge house to take some behind-the-scenes pictures from a photoshoot with clothes from Ane Blich House, and it was fun to do something like that. We are going to interview the girls behind Ane Blich House next week, so I´ll post the link on the blog when it´s out on FIN (this is only for our Norwegian readers..). 

Love by A



An incredible coat collection by BRICS. A and I are amazed by both the design and the high quality of the material.


halloween party

Happy Halloween!

Pictures from a Halloween party on Saturday, it was so much fun!

Love by A



coke and gangsters

I love this picture taken by Maggie Ann. It was July the 4th and I was in New York at that point. So my friends and I went to see the fire works, and we drank coke and ate M&Ms, and I was singing and dancing in the 25th Street to this song.

Love by A


something cute

I have a lot to do in school these days, but I´m coming back in the end of this week. 

Love by A